Standard Marbled

Koro-Trans Standard Marbled flooring is a super heavy-duty product with decades of proven performance in school and commercial bus applications.  Produced from proprietary thermoplastic compounds, the product features outstanding abrasion resistance, coefficient of friction, UV and flame resistance, and is suited for hot air or extrusion welding.

Thickness and Installation

Standard Marbled flooring is available in a nominal 0.125” thick smooth surface and a nominal 0.187” thick flat rib surface.  While installation with aisle trim or other mechanical fastening is recommended, welded construction allows for the elimination of trim components during installation.

Color Options

In addition to solid black, Standard Marbled flooring is shipped from inventory in six colors: Dark Gray, Light Gray, Tan, Mahogany, Blue, and Green.

DS Marbled

Koro-Trans DS Marbled flooring is a hybrid flooring with a light surface texture that imparts a grippy feel underfoot without the aggregate common in competing products.  Koro-Trans DS has all the performance characteristics of Standard Marbled but is a thinner European gauge.  The smooth version is 0.090” thick (2.2 mm), while the rib is 0.152” thick (3.8 mm).  DS Marbled is only available in dark gray.

DS Black

Koro-Trans DS is also available in smooth solid black in a thinner gauge designed for utility vehicles and other applications. Koro-Trans DS black smooth is 0.070” thick (1.8mm).