Koro-Trans flooring is available in both industry standard and custom widths in both smooth and rib configurations to suit all OEM floor layouts. Koro-Trans flooring is also available in a one-piece construction where smooth and rib flooring components are constructed into a single piece. Both flooring styles meet the critical assembly and performance demands of today’s transit vehicles, offering lasting durability, easy installation and reduced waste.


Koro-Trans Standard Marbled flooring is a super heavy-duty product with decades of proven performance in school and commercial bus applications.

Astra Flor

Astra Flor has all the same performance characteristics of marbled flooring but features an aesthetically pleasing metal flake texture.

Step Treads

Koro-Trans Step Treads are heavy duty, designed for long life in demanding school bus, commercial bus, and transit bus applications

Weld Cord

Koro-Trans Weld Cord is available in several different colors and profiles to suit vertical and  horizontal welding of Koro-Trans flooring using a hot air welder.

Large school bus transit flooring

Matting & Transit Flooring Products

Our premium quality matting products provide comfort, slip-resistance, insulation and protection in a variety of commercial, industrial and government applications. From the anti-fatigue matting at an industrial work station to the switchboard matting providing a dielectric barrier at a power generation station, ProFusion has defined each application for quality and performance. Our products provide a broad range of surface finishes, custom colors and specially formulated compounds that enhance the operations of traditional customers and OEMs with unique challenges.

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